Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier

slow dancing on price's pierSlow Dancing on Price’s Pier (Berkley/Penguin, 2011)

2012 RITA (r) finalist, one of the highest honors given by Romance Writers of America.

Thea Celik has devoted herself to running her Newport coffee shop, to parenting her daughter, and to being a meaningful part of her in-law’s loving family. Her life is mild but satisfying—she’s sure of her place in the community and in her family. But when her childhood friend and husband Jonathan uncharacteristically cheats on her, her certainty about her role in the world is shaken.

Now as Thea strives to rediscover herself and remain close with the only family she knows, Jonathan’s brother Garret vows to exile her from their lives once and for all. Garret has never forgotten his history with Thea, and he hopes Jonathan’s divorce from her will mean he can reconnect with his brother at last. But his increasingly frequent encounters with Thea—and his unresolved feelings for her—threaten his relationship with his family now more than ever before.

SLOW DANCING ON PRICE’S PIER is the story of one woman’s determination to rediscover a new life while trying to maintain the old. The book asks, When the bonds of friendship, family, and love are tested, how long will they hold?

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REVIEWS of Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier

“Slow Dancing on Prices Pier is a charming and wise tale of second chances and forgiveness, peopled with characters as full-bodied as the coffee Thea brews.  I loved it!” —Author Karen White, The Memory of Water

“Smart, imaginative and steeped in heartfelt emotion, Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier is hard to put down until the very end! —Author Jane Porter, Flirting With Forty