About Lisa

WRITER LISA DALELife’s an open book–in more ways than one! And since you’re here on my about page, you’re probably hoping for a little info about me. Welcome! Pull up a chair.

I live with my husband and our adorable pet hedgehog, Cleopatra. Like most writers, when I’m not writing, I’m writing. I sometimes goof around with knitting, jogging, and yoga–not all at the same time–and while I’m not really that good at any of my hobbies, I enjoy them!

I’m terribly curious and am known to be reading a handful of books at a time (normally, at least three). Writing is a great excuse for me to follow my fascinations, so you’ll find lots of interesting little factoids scattered through my work.

THE FORMA BIO: RITA-nominee Lisa Dale grew up in rural Northwestern New Jersey before attending McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland. She worked briefly in publishing before going back to school to get an MFA in fiction at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Her writing appears in many literary magazines. A Promise of Safekeeping arrived in January 2012.


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