Simple Wishes

Simple Wishes by Lisa DaleAdele Matin couldn’t wait to put her lonely childhood and hometown behind her. Amid the bright lights and hustle and bustle of New York, she built a life for herself—until one terrible mistake brought it crashing down. Now Adele is running again, this time to a cottage she inherited from her mother in rural Pennsylvania. And she’s about to realize that a small town has more to offer than she ever dreamed.

An artist and woodworker, Jay Westvelt knows a thing or two about living in the country. Adele is intrigued by her mysterious green-eyed neighbor, a man who took care of her house and soon cares deeply for her. But even as Adele’s steely heart begins to soften toward him, dark secrets from her mother’s past threaten to send her running once again. Can Jay convince her to stay with him?

Only if she can learn an important truth: that happiness begins with Simple Wishes.

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Reviews of Lisa Dale’s Simple Wishes

[A] haunting debut…with vivid secondary characters…[Dale] puts the reader through a well-paced emotional wringer. –Publisher’s Weekly

FOUR STARS! Dale’s modern characters and complex situations read well, and the conflicts between characters highlight the fact that some heartbreaks last longer than a lifetime. Simplicity delves deep in this tale. –Romantic Times

TOP PICK! Lisa Dale’s engaging voice and flawless writing style makes reading Simple Wishes a dream…[it] reads like an old friend telling a story across the kitchen table. It is sweet, but not overly so, tender without being sappy and so well-written the hours just fly by. In a heartbeat, it seemed, I’d reached the end of this. My own simple wish? That the story could have gone on and on-it was that good. –

This book makes you stand up and shout, growl with frustration, and almost needs an applause at the end…Simple Wishes, by Lisa Dale, is a well-written, emotionally packed, blissful read and unlike others of its kind. –

Lisa Dale’s debut release, Simple Wishes, is a stunning revelation of how the romance industry has changed over the years, and how an author with the right tools can mold a masterpiece out of what at one time would have been considered two very separate writing genres. Ms. Dale’s skill shines through from page one and doesn’t stop until you close the book. –

[Simple Wishes] has restored my faith in contemporary romance novels! The author is clearly a very gifted storyteller. The characters are well written and very down-to-earth. This is a fantastic story that left me with a warm feeling of contentment. I was really pleased with the plot twist and it caught me completely unawares; what a pleasant surprise that was! I highly recommend this book! –

An impressive debut… Dale creates very believable characters as well as a series of poignant conflicts. Simple Wishes is a character-rich and involving story about acceptance and forgiveness and [the] realization that happiness does indeed begin with the simple things in life. —

It’s easy to care for these characters and to hope they each find what they need from their tight-knit community. Adele’s long-term anger at her mother and Jay’s uncertain childhood are believable stumbling blocks and the ending is just dramatic enough to satisfy. –Fresh Fiction

Lisa Dale has done a phenomenal job of developing the characters within this story. Entering their worlds, I quickly got the sense of real people with real problems and very real personalities. I was immediately drawn to Notch Lane, a charming community snuggled against the breathtaking beauty of the Pennsylvania mountains. The story is definitely character-driven. The external plot moves at a deceptively leisurely pace, while at the same time, what is happening inside Adele is so gripping I found myself turning the pages as fast as I could to see how things would turn out for her as she struggled to resolve the hurts of her childhood and move on to discover the true meaning of friendship and love. Simple Wishes is an emotional and romantic read that I recommend to anyone who likes a good, relationship story. –Working Girl Reviews